Height Increase Exercises

On average, any person has the possibility of growing taller and adding a few inches to their height till they reach the early twenties. Some might even continue growing till as long as 22 or 24!

How much a person grows and the ultimate height a person ends up in depends on a lot of factors. The two main factors of those is the production of growth hormone by their body and their genetic growth potential.

The human growth hormone is an important hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland of the body. It gives signals that encourage the growth and elongation of primary growth zones of the body throughout a person’s growing years.

However, once an individual becomes old enough and reaches adulthood of the body, then this gland is instructed by the brain to switch itself off, and there is a very steep drop in the production of this growth hormone. So the person doesn’t grow anymore at all.

However, even after a person reaches the adulthood, if you can manage to stimulate the pituitary to produce that last burst of growth hormone, then your body can be coaxed into adding a couple more inches to your height, by stimulation of your growth zones by the growth hormone!

And this growth hormone burst and final push to the growing zones of the body can be instigated by doing some excellent height increase intensive exercises!

So read on to know more about these best height increase exercise training and do the best workout routine to grow taller!

The Cobra Move Stretching Height Increase Exercise

This is the one of the best exercises to grow taller! In order to do this exercise for height increase, you will be doing a lot of spine stretching and leg muscle working out – hence the double benefits for growing taller!

For doing this training, first lay down on the floor on your stomach, in such a way that you are sure your knees are on the ground. Now, using your palms, balance your weight on your arms, shoulders and abdominal regions and push back up. Stretch back from this position as far back as you are able to go, extending the arms to full limit and then giving your spine a whopping stretch!

For doing all this, you need to ensure your legs are not moving from their position for the most effect. Once you reach the highest stretch you are capable of, hold that position for ten to twenty seconds, then lower yourself back down.

Rest for ten seconds and repeat the whole process again. Do this for at least 20 times initially and progress to fifty or seventy times later to get the best height increase exercise results!

The Superior Cobra Exercise Stretching

This type of stretching, just like it says on the tin, is an improved method of the Cobra exercise for spine stretching. It is very similar to the other exercise, and being added to the cobra exercise gives this one an added layer of effectiveness at the end of your training in helping you go taller!

The changes here is that, here you do not lift and stretch your spine only. In the Superior Cobra Exercise, you also lift your lower back and buttocks off the floor, to do a walk like motion with your hands alone, moving them close to your feet then back out – repeatedly!

This provides an intense outward spine stretch – a counterpoint against the cobra where it was an intense inward spine stretch – and the added component of walk movement firms up thigh muscles as well.

The above two exercises in the combination are a very effective training for growing taller!

Yoga Is An Excellent Exercise

If you wanna go old school and try something that is as much about holistic improvement as it is about height increase – yoga training is an excellent option for you!

Yoga can have amazing growing taller benefits. In yoga, you do everything – there are intensive and warm up stretches, great breathing exercise training, and exercises to improve flexibility and durability!

Also, yoga helps in leaps and bounds towards improving posture. Posture is one of the most important points for growing taller and more importantly, appearing taller!

Even if you are six foot tall, slouching and bad posture will make you look much smaller and thus much less tall than you actually are.

Yoga rectifies all these problems with the person’s body, giving a more holistic and overall improvement in height, weight, body fitness and internal body health.

Further, doing yoga boosts up body breathing and metabolism, not to mention up- regulating the blood circulation of the body!

This mean that human growth hormone production is also given an added boost jolt in the case of yoga practice regularly, which goes a long way towards helping you put those crucial few extra inches of height to your body.

And apart from these great exercises, if you compound it with other effective exercises for height increase – such as running, cycling, swimming, leg and arm stretches, taichi stretching exercises, self defense exercises, etc., even an adult already beyond their growing phase can put on a few more inches of height!

Try out all these excellent height increase exercises and see the added height in your body and the taller benefits for yourself, all naturally and permanently!

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