Focused Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Testosterone is a very important body hormone that aids in maintaining and regulating the metabolism, muscle building and mass, fat burning and storage, and bone weight.

With such a phenomenal and essential role in very important body pathways, it is obvious that how much testosterone your body produces has an intricate feedback loop with your body training efforts!

A reliable and well-planned exercise training routine can help to boost even very low testosterone levels and boost up your training performance, acting as the best positive feedback loop!

So plan your training such that it includes a bunch of testosterone boosting exercises as well, to get better benefits in your training.

The Most Effective Normal Exercise For Testosterone Boost: Running

Running, especially intensive running like you do in sprinting, is one of the best and easiest ways to create this testosterone – exercise positive feedback loop of benefits!

Sprinting involve a very high level of intense training and fitness workout, followed by a short relax period to rest and replenish the oxygen in your muscles, before you set off again on another burst of high speed, intense running to get a great workout done to your muscles.

The optimal method to go on a sprint in your running is to run very, very fast – to the maximum speed of your ability, for about six to ten seconds, and then take a break by going on a sedate, relaxing jog for three to five minutes.

Follow this jog by another six to ten seconds of sprinting and repeat two or more repeats. The greater your sprinting, the more fit that your body will become and the most testosterone boosting that will occur!

And the best thing about Sprinting run training is the post workout benefits. Unlike many other exercises, testosterone producing exercises have large post training impact. After you do a sprinting workout for just one hour, you will find that you are producing increased testosterone for as much as ten to thirteen hours after, hence exceedingly increasing your exercise performance.  Combined this with nutrition and the results are outstanding.

Lift Weights and Strength Train For Testosterone

Muscle building has a very high impact on body testosterone levels and vice versa. When you do high intensity and heavy duty training, you are boosting testosterone.

Hence, these are the most effective ways to increase your testosterone.

However, over training is a serious hazard. To avoid over training, plan carefully before including weight and strength training as part of your testosterone boosting and exercise efficiency increasing workouts.

Include just a small number of push ups or forced reps to your daily training routine, to get the optimal boost to your testosterone levels without straining yourself!

Keep Your Limits in Mind

While testosterone boosting is greatly enhancing on training impact, it is not the ultimate goal when you are using it to enhance your performance in other exercises.

This fact is essential to keep firmly in mind before going in for your high intensity testosterone boosting exercise training.

Include just the right amount of testosterone booster exercises in your work out routine, but ensure that it will not over tire you for the main event – namely your running or cycling or swimming exercise for giving your body fitness and tone.

Testosterone boosters are also inherently massive muscle building training routines. Keep your objectives, goals and limits for doing any training firmly in mind before planning your routine.

But doing testosterone boosting workouts for ten or twenty minutes a day can have a vast impact on taking your exercise training to a whole new level!

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