Training Routines To Get Those Dream Biceps

If you are training simply to lose the last of the flab on your body and to get into reasonably fit shape, just running, cycling and swimming is enough to manage that much, and even maybe a little more if done with diligence and dedication.

But if you are planning to bulk up a bit and gain some great muscles for that much better appearance and looks, you need to take up strength training.

Within strength training, there are some places of your body that most body builders want to make look better more than other regions. For example, getting good thigh and calf musculature is very important – but the more important thing everyone talks about is having killer abs!

One such region for both vanity and strength that is also very highly on display is your arms.

Any strength trainer or muscle builder worth their mettle will tell you the biceps and quads are the most essential – and first! – training routines you should include to shape up your appearance.

So here’s a look at some of the best arm muscle building training tips and routines to follow to develop excellent biceps!

Important Note: Do Not Tire Your Arms!

A common rookie mistake made by amateurs (and even some seasoned vets!) is that they end up over working their arms and thus negatively tearing their own muscles by doing too much training exercises.

The first fact you need to reinforce and remember is that when it comes to body building and biceps increasing training, more does not necessarily mean better!

In fact, the quality of your routine, the perfect form you follow during your training and the dedication you show for the exercise are what make the most impact in how successful your biceps enhancing training routine was!

When you are building biceps, you are doing it by giving your arms multiple muscle build boosting stresses known as ‘micro tearing’. When they heal over, they end result forming those impressive biceps.

When this slight tearing goes over- board into being an actual injury that is where the harmful spraining and deterioration of your form occurs.

So strike the right balance between training and over training to get the best biceps through your exercise routine!

High Intensity Strength Lifts for Excellent Biceps!

The high intensity strength lifts training is one of the best and most expedient ways to ensure you are going on the fastest and most reliable track to put on excellent biceps musculature!

In high intensity strength lifting, you do a work out routine consisting of combo plans of overall body fitness, dashing it in with some high intensity arm training.

Some of the arm biceps training include:

Push Ups – here you do a heavy intensity arm workout routine, which involves many consecutive push- ups for many counts without pause, giving your arms some intense stimulation to bulk up with muscles!

To make the exercise more challenging and impactful, you may be advised that you need to do forced push- ups against weights – i.e. where in they place weights on your back and you have to lift yourself and the weights every time you do many push- ups, giving you an excellent arm workout biceps building!

One more excellent exercise for biceps is the Holding Static lifts! Here, you are given an optimal weight to lift by your trainer for best biceps building, and you have to hold it in position for a count of ten to fifteen seconds before dropping your arms.

Develop a good training routine to get the best biceps!

Increase Your Running Speed

Running exercises give you two big benefits – 1) they help in excellent building up of overall body fitness, muscle mass and strength and 2) running helps to boost the metabolism of the body and increasing its stamina building up tolerance for exercise.

Getting to the above two benefits is intertwined – you can’t have one without the other!

So if you make just getting to just one of these particular, pointed goals as your whole aim, you can gain the benefit of the other too.

You running workout must thus be first and foremost focused on gaining tolerance and greater speed.

So, how do you get your body to run even faster and go for longer, apart from a nutritious diet? Follow these tips to get optimal running speed and stamina, expert pro tips for you!

Good Sprinting Equals Faster Running

Study the sprinting technique and proper balance and posture while running is extremely important for faster running.

If your gait is not proper or if your feet are bearing the full force of your weight, obvious thing is that you will tire even more fast while you go running. This can be easily be fixed up by simply minding how you move your feet and properly balancing out your body’s weight to get faster and better speed!

Making use of the full power of your feet helps you to build the friction you need to run faster. Learn to distribute your weight to let you take strides for longer distances to enable faster running.

Propel Yourself With Your Arms For Greater Speed

A common mistake made by ineffective runners is that they keep their arms and elbows rigid at their sides when you go out for a run. This is a method that seriously hinders running speed!

Learn to move your arms and use them like a propulsion aide for how you run. This boosts up your speed in running tremendously for faster and better running!

Focused Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Testosterone is a very important body hormone that aids in maintaining and regulating the metabolism, muscle building and mass, fat burning and storage, and bone weight.

With such a phenomenal and essential role in very important body pathways, it is obvious that how much testosterone your body produces has an intricate feedback loop with your body training efforts!

A reliable and well-planned exercise training routine can help to boost even very low testosterone levels and boost up your training performance, acting as the best positive feedback loop!

So plan your training such that it includes a bunch of testosterone boosting exercises as well, to get better benefits in your training.

The Most Effective Normal Exercise For Testosterone Boost: Running

Running, especially intensive running like you do in sprinting, is one of the best and easiest ways to create this testosterone – exercise positive feedback loop of benefits!

Sprinting involve a very high level of intense training and fitness workout, followed by a short relax period to rest and replenish the oxygen in your muscles, before you set off again on another burst of high speed, intense running to get a great workout done to your muscles.

The optimal method to go on a sprint in your running is to run very, very fast – to the maximum speed of your ability, for about six to ten seconds, and then take a break by going on a sedate, relaxing jog for three to five minutes.

Follow this jog by another six to ten seconds of sprinting and repeat two or more repeats. The greater your sprinting, the more fit that your body will become and the most testosterone boosting that will occur!

And the best thing about Sprinting run training is the post workout benefits. Unlike many other exercises, testosterone producing exercises have large post training impact. After you do a sprinting workout for just one hour, you will find that you are producing increased testosterone for as much as ten to thirteen hours after, hence exceedingly increasing your exercise performance.  Combined this with nutrition and the results are outstanding.

Lift Weights and Strength Train For Testosterone

Muscle building has a very high impact on body testosterone levels and vice versa. When you do high intensity and heavy duty training, you are boosting testosterone.

Hence, these are the most effective ways to increase your testosterone.

However, over training is a serious hazard. To avoid over training, plan carefully before including weight and strength training as part of your testosterone boosting and exercise efficiency increasing workouts.

Include just a small number of push ups or forced reps to your daily training routine, to get the optimal boost to your testosterone levels without straining yourself!

Keep Your Limits in Mind

While testosterone boosting is greatly enhancing on training impact, it is not the ultimate goal when you are using it to enhance your performance in other exercises.

This fact is essential to keep firmly in mind before going in for your high intensity testosterone boosting exercise training.

Include just the right amount of testosterone booster exercises in your work out routine, but ensure that it will not over tire you for the main event – namely your running or cycling or swimming exercise for giving your body fitness and tone.

Testosterone boosters are also inherently massive muscle building training routines. Keep your objectives, goals and limits for doing any training firmly in mind before planning your routine.

But doing testosterone boosting workouts for ten or twenty minutes a day can have a vast impact on taking your exercise training to a whole new level!

Why Pilates Is A Great Exercise System For You

The Pilates exercise routine is gaining tremendous visibility and popularity in the past half decade.

This exercise method, which has its prime focus on boosting up a person’s physical, mental and psychological strength and health – is a great exercise system to learn and practice on the daily basis for optimal health!

The main thing to know about the Pilates exercise system is this – if you are trying to get more into fitness, increase how much stamina you have and to develop a good lot of body tone, while also increasing the flexibility of your body – all without doing any exercises that builds up your musculature also, Pilates may be what you’re looking for!

The prime directive behind Pilates is to make the individual training to get the best possible body shape within the parameters of their own body. No matter if you are a still- growing child or an old aging person looking to get your body to shape, Pilates is an amazing new potential exercise routine that you can pursue with great benefits!

What Do You Do In Pilates?

In Pilates, the main focus is behind building muscle strength (but not mass!) and helping an individual find their core balance by optimizing their spine balance and alignment.

Basically, in Pilates, the exercises revolve around firming and strengthening the three core muscle areas – namely the spinal and back muscles, the abdominal and pelvic muscles and the limbic muscles.

Since Pilates involves primarily stretching and holding of positions, your heart rate increases and your body gets an excellent workout, but you do not actually wear out your muscles and respiratory and circulatory systems – as you would do in any other aerobic exercises such as cycling, or running or jogging or weight training.

Pilates does not need any equipment! Once you have received proper training from a qualified trainer in this exercise, you can keep yourself at optimal body fitness from the comfort of your home with the regular practicing of Pilates!

Nutrition Do’s And Don’ts For Effective Fat Burning

There are some food groupings that actively facilitate the prolonging of body metabolism and promotion of higher fat burning.

And there are other different food families that all work primarily to storing energy within your body and are actually against helping your fat burning goals. These food items are more geared towards fat storage!

So in order to begin to grasp which of them are smart for you and which of them are gonna end up interfering with your fat burning program – you need to be well- educated on what foods are good for your dieting and what are not!

Read on to know more!

Protein Is Certainly On The Good Scale

A high protein diet is good for you on multiple levels for a fat burning routine.

In the first case, proteins take a really long time in your digestive system to get metabolized. As such, after you eat a decent, high protein meal, your metabolism is stimulated to remain active longer simply to digest all that food.

Plus, digestion uptake of lots of macromolecule makes your metabolism keep active for extended times and hence burns additional calories the entire time for its breaking down and digesting processes.

So not only are you eating a high protein diet which helps to build muscles, but you are also using up more calories simply to burn all of it!

Muscles have very high need for calories. Therefore, even after you have put on a good mass of muscles from your exercising, your body expends additional calories simply to keep up with those muscles.

So, that’s a double end victory for going about fat burning by putting on more muscles! Proteins are certainly smart for you once you’re attempting to burn fat.

Food stuffs that are chock- stuffed with protein compounds: lentils, Brussels sprouts, dairy farm products (but make certain to choose out the low carb and low fat dairy variety!), fish, and so on.

You Need To Eat More Iron Supplements and Minerals

We all grasp weight training and the importance of pumping heavy weights. You can scale back as high as five hundred to 800 calories in barely one hour of high intensity weight training and muscle pumping exercises.

But quite aside from that, you also need to take a decent dose of iron supplements in your food too if you wish to lose additional weight and for burning fat!

Iron is that the primary pigment in our blood cells. The red blood corpuscles are made of hemoproteins and also the health and potency of your red blood cells depends a lot on the quantity and quality of iron you are regularly ingesting.

And red bloods cells are vital for – yes, that’s right, your metabolism. Regardless of however exhaustive and intensive your training gets, if your red blood cells are sluggish then your metabolism also will be slower.

And hence, though you will feel terribly tired and wiped out, the amount of fat burning your body does still remains very low.

Also, in the case of training exercises like aerobic fat burning work outs, the entirety of the fat burning program is structured around increasing your pulse rate and as a result, your metabolic rate! Low blood iron interferes here too.

Therefore check that you get a good supply of iron every day. Strive to be sipping some beet root juice each evening once your calculated workout is done. It’s an incredible supply of iron, plus, it will also do exceptionally nice things for your skin!

Avoid The Carbs and The Starch!

We do not need to tell you to chop down on the carbs! The entire purpose of fat burning exercises is to bust out those calories. And carb is pretty much where all calories come from!

So after you are on a fat burning training, eat as little carbohydrates as possible every day to keep your calorific intake minimum.

In fact, all you really need is as low as twenty five grams of carbohydrates every day for permanent body maintenance. Which seems like a lot, but put in perspective – not really! Even one normal loaf of bread has around thirty grams of carbs.

Carbs are not solely on the to- be- avoided list. In relation to carbs is also another compound – the starch.

Starch is another variety of carbohydrates. It’s additional ‘filling’ nature, however within the longer run, it’s conjointly additional probably to finish up as fat reserve for storage in your body than to be burned. Avoid starch as well!

So that means that the food stuff to eat as little as possible of for effective fat burning are – High sugar goodies, high carb foods like rice, sweet breads, pasta, and so on. Conjointly, the most important starch giving food is the potato, therefore, put a hamper on your potato chips munching!

But In Contrast, Fats Can often Be Smart For You!

While carbohydrates are a giant ‘No’ for your fat burning program, consultants say that you just actually need to include certain special fats for best results in fat burning! Sounds crazy right? However it is true.

Monounsaturated fats and Polyunsaturated fats are each smart for your fat burning plan. This kind of fat is found in food like olives, almonds, nuts like cashews and peanuts, fish, Carthamus tinctorius oil and other similar food products.

Thus, structuring your diet to include the do’s and don’ts of nutrition helps boost up your fat burning efforts!

Importance of Stretching Before Running and Cycling

The main reason why people get injured while doing exercises like cycling or running is because they have an increase in muscle tone due to repeating the same motion for a long time.

Starting out on any exercise, especially in cycling or running exercises, over the course of the workout, your muscles become set into a fixed motion, leading to increase in muscle tension and rigidness.

On one side of the coin, this kind of rigid posture and tense muscles is actually good for you! This tension leads to what is known as ‘micro muscle tearing’ which heals to give you higher fat burning and increased muscle mass.

But on a daily basis, this muscle tension is a great pain to bear! It leads to hurtful cramps and spraining due to your cycling or running workout, and therefore you find yourself with more injuries!

The best way to deal with these painful cramping and injuries is to do a good pre- exercise workout warm up to amp your muscles up to handle the exercise!

Do Stretches Before Running or Cycling!

There is currently a lot of hype going around over a new and improved stretching practice known as Stretch Dynamics which optimizes the maximum stretching by giving a great warm up for every muscle group in your body.

When you do Stretch Dynamics, every muscle group in your body gets an equal warm up and is made looser and less tense in preparation for your cycling or running workout.

The most excellent time to be doing such stretches in twenty to thirty minutes before you plan to go for a run or go cycling for a couple of miles!

Post Workout Stretches To Keep The Cramps At Bay

Just as it is important to do a pre-workout stretching, post workout stretching is also essential to prevent injuries and get the best results.

Concentrate on the areas that get the most strain in running and cycling – such as ankles, thighs, abdomen and calves – and avoid injuries!